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Tamagoyaki Cooking Essentials

Want to cook Tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omelettes)? Get the essential tools for the job here!

  • Furikake Omusubi Yama | Aona by Bento&co | AMZJP - Bento&co Japanese Bento Lunch Boxes and Kitchenware Specialists

    Furikake Omusubi Yama | Aona


    Furikake, which means ‚Äėto sprinkle over‚Äô in Japanese, is a beloved Japanese condiment. An¬†amazing¬†accompaniment to piping hot white rice,¬†furikake¬†...

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  • Triple Pan - Bento&co
    Triple Pan - Bento&co

    Triple Pan


    Cook all your Bento dishes with one go! Product Description The Triple Pan is a 24 cm aluminum pan featuring three separate sections for cooking ...

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  • Cooking Chopsticks - Bento&co
    Cooking Chopsticks - Bento&co

    Cooking Chopsticks


    Each pack of our Cooking Chopsticks consist of 2 pairs of Japanese chopsticks.  Product Description  Cooking Chopsticks (or saibashi in Japanese) a...

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