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We're still open and shipping worldwide!
We're still open and shipping worldwide!

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I've always chosen Bento & Co as my first go-to choice when getting bento lunch boxes. I know that everything they list is of high quality and I appreciate that they always spell out exactly how large the boxes are outside and inside, as well as if items are dishwasher and microwave safe [...]

I live in a place with little to no Japanese food or markets, so Bento&Co is a great option for me to get things to use in my lunches. Good quality bento boxes can be surprisingly hard to find on sites like Amazon, so it's great to have a store dedicated to it, that also has a lot of collaborations with different brands [...]

I've ordered bento boxes, food items, and accessories from Bento&co. They have such a large selection of great bento boxes and I don't feel like I'm taking a gamble with the quality like I feel on other larger sites [...] 

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The majority of our products are made in Japan by highly skilled craftsmen using quality materials. View the details section on our product pages for more info