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Oyako Nabe

nabe, pan
  • Oyako Nabe
  • Oyako Nabe
  • Oyako Nabe
  • Oyako Nabe
  • Oyako Nabe
  • Oyako Nabe
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Oyako Nabe is a typical japanese pan with a vertical handle. 


To be more specific, this pan is mainly used to make "Oyako Donburi", a rice meal in a bowl, on which you add a mixture made of onion, egg and chicken. 
The vertical handle allows you to delicately place the mixture on the bowl, and to save room on a crowded griddle-top stove.

Check out below the Oyako Donburi video recipe with the famous "Cooking with dog" show, when the chef uses this pan. 
This pan is in stainless steel, made in Japan. The wooden handle can be unscrewed. The Pan is 16cm (6.2") in diameter.

Suitable for every kind of hobs, even induction heater!
The matching lid for this pan is sold separately (please select the item of your choice from the dropping list).

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