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La boutique spécialiste du bento en direct de Kyoto au Japon !


A Bento box's best friend, Furoshiki are the traditional beautiful Japanese wrapping cloths that hold your Bento, gifts or everyday objects. Our collection of furoshiki is carefully curated to give you chance to to try the very best of this art form. Beautiful and eco-friendly - you'll love them.

  • Furoshiki Bento
  • Furoshiki Sakura
  • Furoshiki Same Sakura 45cm Red-Yellow
  • Furoshiki Sales
    Furoshiki Musubi
  • Furoshiki Kimono
  • Furoshiki Kirara Gold
  • Furoshiki Tea Pot
  • Furoshiki Matsu
  • DVD Furoshiki
  • Furoshiki Ume Cream & Blue
  • Furoshiki Yozakura
  • Furoshiki Neko To Tori
  • Furoshiki Chidori
  • Furoshiki Chojyugiga Blue
  • Furoshiki Karakusa Green
  • Furoshiki Ooki Green Purple
  • The Furoshiki Handbook
  • Furoshiki Kitsune
  • Furoshiki Seven Lucky Gods
  • Furoshiki Denim
  • Furoshiki Ume Red & Green
  • Furoshiki Kirara Powder pink
  • Furoshiki Kirara Vivid pink
  • Furoshiki Sugi 48cm Red & Blue

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