What Size Furoshiki Should I Choose?

What Size Furoshiki Should I Choose?

Occasionally we have customers asking us what size furoshiki they should get. Which size can be used to wrap picnic bento boxes? How about to use as a bag?

With different size categories, it can be confusing to know which size furoshiki is best for your needs! We break it down (or rather *unwrap* it all) here and introduce some furoshiki uses you might not even have considered!

Small yet versatile: 45-50cm furoshiki

This size is your dependable everyday-use furoshiki. It's perfect for wrapping small, medium and most large bento boxes. (Watch our bento-wrapping tutorial here.)

Red Asanoha Furoshiki Double Sided Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth 50cm | Asanoha Nami Navy & Red

It's also great for sustainable gift wrapping for smaller presents. Your reusable furoshiki gift wrapping will make your present even more special! This Cochae series is especially great for animal-lovers.

Or, use this size to wrap your tissue box to add some color to your home decor, like with this vibrant Heart Vine Pink/Brown Isa Monyo Reversible Furoshiki (48 cm).

You can even slip it into your bag to use as a handkerchief/ thin hand-towel while on on the go (works best with cotton furoshiki). The owl that peeks out from the kata kata Furoshiki 50cm | Owl (Green) will make you smile every time you open your bag.

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Medium yet extraordinary: 68-70cm furoshiki

This generously sized furoshiki is perfect for wrapping picnic sized bento boxes. You can make a statement when transporting your yummy food to a picnic or gathering, like with the gold and blue Fuku Cochae Furoshiki 70cm | Tortoise Shell & Crests.

Fuku Cochae Tortoiseshells
It can also be used to elegantly wrap gifts and even wine bottles!

Chidori Furoshiki 70cm | Red

Want to learn how to stylishly wrap using your furoshiki? Check out our video tutorial explaining several different wrapping styles. This PDF guide also explains many great wrapping methods.

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Large and dynamic: 90+cm furoshiki

Even more expansive than the 68-70cm furoshiki, this size also works well for wrapping large picnic sized bento boxes. Beyond wrapping though, this size furoshiki can also be transformed into an attractive bag using the wooden magnetic Patchin Wooden Handle

Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth 90cm | Hibiscus

Want to instantly add some artwork to your walls? These large furoshiki can serve as a stunning wall-hanging, just like with the 104cm Large Hokusai Ukiyo-e Furoshiki | South Wind, Clear Sky

And last but not least, these large furoshiki can also be used as cushion covers!

Hime Musubi Furoshiki 100cm | Peony Pink

Hime Musubi Furoshiki 100cm | Japanese Apricot Light Orange/Mint

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We hope this little guide helps unpack the best uses for our different sized furoshiki. Are there creative ways that you use furoshiki, that aren't included here? Let us know in the comments below!
Also, if you are still a bit unsure what furoshiki is best for you, just send us an email at contact@bentoandco.com and our dedicated support team will be happy to help you out.

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