Eco-friendly and beautiful, furoshiki are traditional Japanese cloths that can be used to wrap bento boxes, gifts, wine bottles and more.

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Isa Monyo Reversible Furoshiki 48cm | Heart Vine Pink/Brown

Isa Monyo Reversible Furoshiki 48cm | Heart Vine Pink/Brown

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Showcasing gorgeous designs from the acclaimed Isa Monyo Research Institute, ancient patterns come back to life in the Isa Monyo Furoshiki Collection!

Heart Vine Pink/Brown Isa Monyo Reversible Furoshiki (48 cm) is a double-sided wrapping cloth with a mesmerizing 'Heart Vine' pattern. In Japan, this plant is thought to bring romantic success, and thus its likeness is commonly used in wedding and birthday gifts. As the name implies, this furoshiki can be wrapped to expose either side- pink or brown- thanks to a special reversible processing technique that produces an identical pattern on each side with a different colorway.

The cloth is an ideal size for wrapping a small to large (single user) bento box or a medium sized gift box.


  • Dimensions: 48 x 48 cm
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Made in Japan.
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