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Triple Pan 24 cm

Triple Pan 24 cm
  • Triple Pan 24 cm
  • Triple Pan 24 cm
  • Triple Pan 24 cm
  • Triple Pan 24 cm
  • Triple Pan 24 cm
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Triple Pan is back! New and improved design, with a more affordable price too - this smart pan will become your favourite in no time. For a 2016 revamp we turned to newcomer Tamahashi for this pan, easier to clean, lighter and at a far more competitive price we are happy to offer you this great pan! 

As the name suggests this pan comes with an ingenious twist - three separate cooking compartments built into one pan - which allows you to cook several things at once (‘∀’●)♡!

Product Description

The pan is divided into 3 parts, perfect for busy mornings and small kitchens. Cook all your Bento dishes with one go!

This round shaped pan is made up of one big compartment, for mains and two smaller ones for sides. With this pan you can easily fry up different foods without any juices mixing and no mess, just use one pan for an entire lunch !


Product Details

  • Smart Division into 3 compartments for easy cooking. 
  • Size: 24cm (9.44") in diameter.
  • Made from aluminium.
  • Hand-washing.
  • Suitable for Gas Stows only.
  • Made in China.


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