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Furikake Omusubi Yama | Aona

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Furikake, which means ‘to sprinkle over’ in Japanese, is a beloved Japanese condiment. An amazing accompaniment to piping hot white rice, furikake is also great on salads, tofu, meat—you name it!
The Furikake Omusubi Yama Aona packs a punch with aona, seasoned leaves of daikon (Japanese radish). This pack is 100% Vegan!
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    • 31 g per package
    • Ingredients: Seasoned radish leaves (radish leaves, salt, sugar), sesame seeds, ground sesame seeds, salt, dextrin, sugar, sesame oil / seasoning (amino acids), soybean polysaccharides
      Allergen information: Contains Soy
    • To use furikake, simply scoop a spoonful of the desired amount of spice powder and mix it with rice. We recommend a tablespoon for 320g of rice or 2-3 table spoons for an onigiri.
    • Made in Japan by Mizkan
    As we ship from Kyoto, our products may be subject to taxes & customs fees in the country of delivery.