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Furikake Omusubi Yama | Aona

SKU 838753

Want to give your rice some extra sparkle and taste? Furikake is an amazing, delicious spice powder that adds unique Japanese flavors to your rice.

A simple and easy way to spice up your bento!

Product Description

Furikake is a Japanese spice mix that contains sesame seeds, salt, and other ingredients that give the them their flavor and color. The Furikake Omusubi Yama Aona (light green pack) is flavored with shredded daikon (Japanese radish). This pack is 100% Vegan!

Try the other tasty flavors (sold separately):

  • Shake Wakame, dried salmon and wakame seaweed flakes (orange pack)
  • Goma Kombu, with black sesame and kombu, kelp (green pack)
  • Ume Katsuo, dried plum and katsuo, dried bonito (yellow pack)

Directions and Product Details

To use furikake, simply scoop a spoonful of the desired amount of spice powder and mix it with rice. Very simple and very tasty! We recommend a tablespoon for 320g of rice or 2-3 table spoons for an onigiri. 

  • 31 g per package
  • Made in Japan by Mizkan