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Tai Yaki Pan

Tai Yaki Pan
  • Tai Yaki Pan
  • Tai Yaki Pan
  • Tai Yaki Pan
  • Tai Yaki Pan
  • Tai Yaki Pan
  • Tai Yaki Pan
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Japanese lovers who enjoy cooking, you can now prepare some perfect home-made Tai Yaki with this new pan !


Taiyaki is a classic Japanese comfort food. It's a fish-shaped waffle, traditionally filled with sweetened azuki beans or custard.

Instructions for 8 to 10 Tai Yaki :
- Prepare the batter with 150 g cake flour, 2/3 tsp. baking powder or soda, 1 egg, 180ml milk and 40g sugar. It's better if you can rest the batter, about 1 hour.
- Heat the Taiyaki pan and grease the pan with vegetable oil.
- Fill the Taiyaki pan mold about half full over medium low heat.
- Put your filling (azuki paste / custard / chocolate / nutella) in the middle of each fish.
- Close the pan and flip it immediately
- Cook for 2 minutes both side side.

Dimensions : 35 cm long x 14,5 cm wide and 4,5 cm high. (13.8"x 5.7"x 1,5")

Material : aluminium.
Suitable for Gas Hobs (without heat sensor, or unlocked).
Made in South Korea.

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