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Katameru Tenpuru (Cooking Oil Solidifier)

Katameru Tenpuru (Cooking Oil Solidifier)

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Tired of greasy messes after deep frying? The Japanese kitchen staple Katameru Tenpuru makes it effortless to dispose of old cooking oil! With this powder, you can easily make deep fried bento staples like Ebi Fry and Tempura without stressing about cleanup. A Japanese bestseller for over 30 years and it's clear why! 

What We Love About It:

  • Easy as 1,2,3! All you need to do is pour a packet of Katameru Tenpuru into hot cooking oil, wait for it to harden, and then throw out the solid disk of oil.
  • Avoids common kitchen issues like pouring oil down kitchen drains, or wasting loads of paper towels trying to mop up messes.
  • 100% plant derived ingredients so you can use with peace of mind.

Details & Care:

  • Contains 10 packets.
  • Ingredients: fatty acids extracted from castor oil plant. 
  • Directions: Pour one packet per 600mL of oil. Oil must be hot. Mix well. Wait one hour for it to harden. Once hardened, scoop up with spatula and throw away in burnable trash.
  • If oil is already cool, add Katameru Tenpuru and reheat until powder dissolves.
  • Optional: Throw the paper packet into the oil after stirring the powder to indicate that the oil is hardening (and prevents someone else from accidentally reheating/reusing the oil).
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