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Itadakimasu Bento

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Size L
black bento box
  • Itadakimasu Bento
  • Itadakimasu Bento
  • Itadakimasu Bento
  • Itadakimasu Bento
  • Itadakimasu Bento
  • Itadakimasu Bento
  • Itadakimasu Bento
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Our Itadakimasu Bento simply means "Let's eat" and invites you in the best way to have your meal! 
Let's enjoy humble meals with great humour! 

Product Description

In this very popular series, we present here a new design keeping in the same spirit as the original one. Itadakimasu Bento (いただきます)  paterned with the depiction of simple, plain rice in a sublime bowl with a cute pair of chopsticks ;-)

Apart from the cool design, this bento box comes with a lot of good functions.
A practical two-tier model with same size lower and upper layers, perfect for all your meals.
The total capacity is 1000ml (upper compartment 500ml, lower compartment 500ml), big enough for you or any hungry 'salaryman' (Japanese for a male office worker). 
Both compartments have a black, leak-resistant inner lid and a removable inner divider. This box is black inside and out, with a gold, silver, brown and red illustration printed on top. 
Might we recommend to transport your salad dressings and sauce separately, in a small bottle to avoid leaks :)

Product Details

  • Size L
  • Capacity: 1000 ml
  • The box is made of ABS, and the inner lid is made of EVA plastic. 
  • Microwave-safe, and Dishwasher-safe. 
  • Made in Japan, in Ishikawa by Hakoya.
  • Dimensions: 182 × 97 × 95 mm ( 7.16" x 3.81" x 3.74"). 
  • A black elastic bento band is included. 

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