Taxes & Custom Fees

Taxes & Custom Fees

Shipping products from Japan may be subject to taxes and to custom fees in the country of delivery. These costs are the customer’s responsibility

These costs include the sales tax in the country of delivery (applied to the total value of the order), duties on the cost of products (around 6% for the European Union) and fees to the carrier for handling (typically $10 to $20).

For Express Shipping: FedEx, UPS and DHL usually send an invoice a few days after delivery where as EMS generally charge you the required sum at delivery. 

For Registered & Economy Shipping: Your National carrier will generally bill you when applicable. 

We understand that custom fees are worrying for some of you. We hope that you are reassured by the fact that, when buying on Bento&Co, your really do important straight from Japan, getting authentic Japanese original boxes that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. 

For our customers in the USA : Packages with a declared value that is under $200 will be cleared without any fee. We ship to the States every single day and we never had any issue with customs.

For our customers in Australia : Orders below AUD 1000 are exempt from duties, taxes and charges. For more information please visit the Australian customs website. 

For our customers in Canada : Orders above CAN$20 require that you pay the applicable duty and the GST. For more information please visit the Canadian customs website.

The following list describes EU rules for custom fees:

  • EU Directives calculated Total Value of the order as a combination of the price of product and shipping fees. 
  1. For orders with a Total Value of 22 Euros and below: Exempted from both tax and import duty.
  2. For orders with a Total Value ranging between 22 to 150 euros: The buyer is responsible for paying the consumption tax of the total value. 
  3. For orders with a Total Value that exceeds 150 euros, The buyer is responsible for paying both consumption tax and import duty of the total value.

External links: Douanes Belge-Douanes Suisse-Germany, Zoll-UK customs