Taxes & Customs Fees

As our products are shipped from Japan they may be subject to taxes and to customs fees in the country of delivery. These costs are the customer’s responsibility

For our customers in the USA:

Most packages with a declared value that is under $2000 USD will be cleared without any fees.

For our customers in Australia: 

Orders below $1000 AUD are regarded as 'low value imports' by Australian customs. As of 01 July 2018, customs duties may apply to any goods imported from overseas by consumers in Australia. For more information please visit the Australian customs website. 

For our customers in Canada: 

Orders above $20 CAN require that you pay the applicable duties and the GST. For more information please visit the Canadian customs website.

For our customers in the EU:

Bento&co is registered in the Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS). As such, VAT is included in product pricing. Bento&co pays VAT fees directly to the authorities.

Orders with a total value less than €150 euros (excluding shipping fees) are exempt from customs duties. You will therefore not have any additional costs to pay in order to receive your package. If you still receive a payment request from a carrier, contact our customer service ( 

Please note: The IOSS system is reserved for purchases made by individuals. Do not include a company name in your delivery or billing address, or your package will be considered by the carrier as a commercial purchase and you will have to pay customs duties.

Orders with a total value of €150 euros or more (excluding shipping fees) will incur custom duties. In this case, customers are responsible for payment of duties to the shipping carrier.  These fees will be invoiced to you either on receipt of your parcel, or a few days after delivery, and are compulsory.