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Bento: L size

Size L indicates bento boxes with a holding capacity between 780 and 1000 ml. These are bento boxes for people with hearty appetites. If this still seems to small for you, consider the XL sized bento boxes!

  • Zen 02 - Bento&co
    Zen 02 - Bento&co
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    Zen 02


    Zen 02 is a roomy, sleek and minimalist two-tier bento box for fans of stainless steel boxes! It may remind you of Art Deco, or Bauhaus; either way...

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  • Urushi Shikaku - Bento&co
    Urushi Shikaku - Bento&co
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    Urushi Shikaku


    Urushi Shikaku is a wooden bento box lacquered with natural urushi in the Yamanakaurushi lacquer tradition which dates over 450 years.  This large...

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