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Seagull Tiffin Stainless Steel Lunch Box | Medium

SKU 10211
Tired of the hassle of washing oily food stains from plastic bento boxes, or just want to go plastic-free? We recommend trying stainless steel!

The durable Seagull Tiffin Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes feature an iconic design of stacked containers secured by a tension clip on the side. The stylish Seagull Tiffin Stainless Steel Lunch Box | Medium features two tiers with a total capacity of 800mL. 

What we love about it: 

  • Completely plastic-free
  • Convenient handle for easy transport
  • Two tiers means you can separate dry food from wet food. 
  • Easy wash (greasy food comes off effortlessly from stainless steel)
  • You can place directly over open fire--perfect for camping trips!
  • Food smells  do not transfer to lunch box

Also available in Large (1120 mL)

Details & Care

  • The lunch box should be carried upright to avoid spilling as it is not completely sealed (due to the lack of plastic components).
  • Dimensions: 10cm in diameter (3.93”) and 5cm high (1.96"). Height with the handle: 15cm (5.9”).
  • Capacity: 400ml capacity per tier (total: 800ml).
  • Dishwasher-safe 
  • NOT microwave safe (stainless steel).
  • NOT leak-proof, as no plastic gaskets are used.
  • Made in Thailand.