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Seagull Tiffin Stainless Steel Lunch Box | Large

SKU 1229

Are you looking for a high quality sustainable box that will last a long time?

Product Description

Instantly recognizable by their stacking containers secured by a tension clip on the side, Seagull Tiffin boxes are durable and built to last. You can easily add a portion of jasmine rice, a spicy curry, and some vegetables to create a delectable meal.

If you wish to carry liquid food, we advise that you pack it in the upper tier. The container should also be carried upright to avoid spilling as it is not completely sealed (due to the lack of plastic components).


Product Details

Two sizes are available :  
- Seagull Tiffin Size M 
  • Dimensions: 10cm in diameter (3.93”) and 5cm high (1.96"). Height with the handle: 15cm (5.9”).
  • Capacity: 400ml capacity per tier (total: 800ml).
- Seagull Tiffin Size L
  • Dimensions: 12cm in diameter (4.72”) and 6.5cm high (2.55"). Height with the handle: 19cm (7.49”).
  • Capacity: 560ml capacity per tier (total: 1120ml). 

Please note (both sizes):

  • These products are dishwasher-safe, but NOT microwave safe (stainless steel).
  • These products are NOT leak-proof, as no plastic gaskets are used.
Made in Thailand.