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Kokeshi Bento Ichiro Big

L Size
Size L
kokeshi ichiro big
  • Kokeshi Bento Ichiro Big
  • Kokeshi Bento Ichiro Big
  • Kokeshi Bento Ichiro Big
  • Kokeshi Bento Ichiro Big
  • Kokeshi Bento Ichiro Big
  • Kokeshi Bento Ichiro Big
  • Kokeshi Bento Ichiro Big
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The family is growing bigger and welcomes the very popular Kokeshi Bento Ichiros big brother! 
Like the big brother he is, he's L sized for all big boy meals! This new Big  Kokeshi comes with a elegant golden sakura patterns to make it even cutter :-)

Product Description

With a clever and super fun design Kokeshi bento are unique, astonishing two-tier (plus a bowl) lunch-boxes shaped after Japanese traditional dolls. 

In L size we already have MaihimeBusho and Lolita, let's welcome Kokeshi Bento Ichiro Big  to the gang :-)

    Apart from fun design, let's not forget the great features of this Kokeshi, something that we were all craving for: Bigger size!

    All together, the two compartments and the bowl (perfect for your instant ramen for instance) can hold up to 1200 ml. A big improvement from the original size! You'll love it for sure ;-)

    Product Details

    Size: 16 cm height and 11.5 cm diameter.
    Capacity :

    • Bowl: 350 ml
    • Lower compartment: 350 ml 
    • Upper compartment: 500 ml 
      Total : 1200 ml (Twice the original size!)

    Materials : PET-ABS plastic, 100% BPA-free.
    Comes with their unique lunch-band to hold everything together!


    The new Kokeshi can be put in the micro-wave with lids removed (3 min at 500W or 2 mn at 1000W) and are dish-washer safer (make sure to remove the internal lids beforehand). Might we recommend to use a dishwasher liquid soap (vs tablet) to avoid washing out your kokeshi prints :-)

    Made in Japan by Hakoya.

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