Top 10 Bento&co Bestsellers of 2021

Top 10 Bento&co Bestsellers of 2021

As we take a moment to reflect on the year, we’ve compiled a list of 10 items that were most popular on Bento&co during 2021. 
Judging from this list, it seems like eating delicious foods and snacks, trying out new recipes and styles of cooking all helped us stay sane during yet another roller-coaster of a year. Read on to see if YOUR favorite Bento&co product made it on the list!

#10 Cooking Chopsticks
 $3 USD


These long chopsticks (called saibashi in Japanese) are not for eating, but for cooking! Convenient, easy to store, and clean, you'll soon be reaching for your cooking chopsticks everyday, just like the Japanese home-cook!

Annica P. says “Growing up with Western style cooking I did not think cooking chopsticks were necessary, but once i had my first pair I found out how wrong I was. There are some tasks that are best done with chopsticks, and this set is nice and extra long.“

#9 Japanese Food Cutters - Wa $8 USD

Includes six stainless steel cutters, representing a famous plant or flower from Japan: Sakura (cherry blossom), Ume (plum flower), Kiku (chrysanthemum flower), TaKe (bamboo leaf), Kikyô (capucine flower) and Matsu (Japanese Pine).
Use these cutters to make shapes out of ham, cheese, thin omelettes (Usuyaki Tamago), thin slices of carrot or other firm vegetables or fruits...whatever you can think of!

Kenneth C. says “Love the cutters. Solid and good quality”

Photo by Kenneth C.

#8 Easy Onigiri Push Mold $4 USD

The Easy Onigiri Push Mold includes two triangular molds of different sizes. Large and small mold allows for convenient customization of portion sizes.

Karin B. says “Easy peasy lemon squeezy. As long as the Onigiri molds aren't overfilled you're good to go! Perfect match with black sesame and kelp. Yum!”

#7 Kuniyoshi Ukiyo-e Furoshiki 48 cm | Cats Showing The Fifty Three Stations Of The Tokaido $8.50 USD

The composition by famous Ukiyoe artist Kuniyoshi showcasing fifty five cats engaging in a variety of activities. It uses Japanese world play to liken each cat to names of stations along the traditional Tokaido road in Japan. Clever AND cute!
Christine R. says “Fantastic for the cat lover in your life. Shows the true life of cats, will bring a smile to anyone lucky enough to receive a gift wrapped in it.”

#6 Uji Green Tea
 Matcha $12 USD

Matcha is a powdered green tea unique to Japan with ample health benefits and an amazing taste. We're bringing you the best of the best with the finely milled Uji Matcha Green Tea Powder. Comes with a mesh inner lid that makes it easy to sprinkle matcha on icecream, matcha lattes, pancakes and more!

Niki G says “Fantastic quality matcha, when made into tea, has an almost buttery mouthfeel. I will definitely be repurchasing soon. “

#5 Beginner Bundle Traditional $40 USD

A bento bundle inspired by traditional Japan! Features the large capacity, convenient Nuri Wappa Wood Tone Bento Box with bamboo chopsticks and beautiful furoshiki to wrap it all up.

Rui S says “Very good starter set! I especially love the furoshiki”

Sausage, ham mushroom rice in a bento box

Photo by Ma W.

#4 Nokorimono Bento Box
 $26.50 USD

A long-time Bento&co bestseller! Nokorimono means 'leftovers' in Japanese and the Nokorimono Bento Box features a humorous illustration of a common 'leftover' in Japan - a fish bone! Two-tiers with an inner divider, lunch belt, and leak-resistant inner lids. 

Diana P. says “Guys…this Bento is seriously worth the price! The box is sturdy, microwave safe and dishwasher safe and it just simply has a quirky design!!. I use it everyday and keep finding moments to show it off lol”

Photo by Xiaoxiao T.

#3 Kyo Ra-yu Furikake $15 USD

This mouthwatering furikake from Kyoto is made from sesame seeds, garlic and Kyoto's speciality, Kujo onions that have have been soaked in ra-yu (Japanese chili-oil). This stuff is addictive, so you might be better off buying more than one pack!

Vera T. says “Delicious and unusual, very special furikake. Great for onigiri and also on buttered noodles.”

#2 Shokado Kaga $19 USD

Shokado Bento Black and Red
Perfect for entertaining, catering or adding a special touch to family dinnertime, the Shokado Ajiro has five compartments of varying sizes to elegantly display food.

Gianberto R. says “Absolutely adore this bento! I fell like I am eating at my favorite restaurant! You can feel the quality of the box as soon as you touch it.” It is practical for portion control and makiug sure you are eating the right amounts of proteins and vegetables”

Shokado style bento filed with rice meat and vegetables on a brocade tablemat

Photo by Annie Y.

#1 Kameda Kaki no Tane Original $5.50 USD

Kaki-pi, created in 1966 by Kameda, is Japan's #1 best-selling rice snack and the customers of Bento&co certainly seem to agree that it’s delicious! The Original Flavor is savory, with just a bit of spicy heat and is perfect for when you start to feel munchy in between meals.

Robert M. says “If you haven’t tried these before, be warned… They’re incredibly delicious, perfectly crunchy, and go great with an ice cold beer.”

Kaki no Tane Japanese Bar Snack

Did you see any of your favorites on our Top 10 list? 
Of course we also have many newly added products that aren’t on the list, but are up and coming rising stars. Check out what’s new to see if anything catches your eye!

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