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Beginner Bundle | Traditional

Designed exclusively for Bento Beginners, embark on your bento journey with this Traditional Japanese themed beginner’s bundle, containing the perfect lunch set- a bento box, cutlery, and a bag to put everything into!
Nuri Wappa Wood Tone Bento Box: Looking for a elegant bento with a clean, minimalistic Japanese touch? The Nuri Wappa Wood Tone Bento is the box for you! Get the traditional aesthetic of a wood grain finish with the durability of a BPA-free plastic composition. Inside the box you'll find two layers- each compartment allowing for 450 ml of tasty food. The layers are separated by a tight fitting seal to ensure freshness. The entire bento is held together with a matching elastic band.
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Twisted Bamboo Chopsticks: Keeping in the traditions of Japanese goods these chopsticks are made from top quality Japanese bamboo here in Japan, that is spun during the production process, resulting in the delightful twisted shape.  These chopsticks embody Japanese aesthetics well, simple, light and just stunningly beautiful - we think you'll love them!
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Hokusai Ukiyo-e Furoshiki | The Great Wave off Kanagawa : This  48cm furoshiki Japanese wrapping cloth is considered to be a masterpiece. It's a stylish and practical solution for wrapping your bento box. This furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloths) is taken from the world of the famous Ukiyo-e artist, Hokusai; the composition is an iconic image of Japanese art, with a huge wave threatening three wooden boats whilst Mt Fuji rises in the background. You can use furoshiki for so many things! - as an impromptu bag, to wrap things for storage, or as a reusable gift wrapping ( ᐛ )و!
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