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Beginner Bundle | Traditional

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$ 32.00 USD

A bento bundle inspired by traditional Japan!
Features the large capacity, convenient Nuri Wappa Wood Tone Bento Box with bamboo chopsticks and beautiful furoshiki to wrap it all up.

Nuri Wappa Wood Tone Bento Box
 2-tier bento made from BPA-free plastic, 900mL capacity. Easy to clean, with an elegant wood-like appearance. Includes a black lunch-band. Microwave and dishwasher safe with the inner lid removed

Twisted Bamboo Chopsticks
Chopsticks carved from top quality Japanese bamboo. Made in Kyushu, Japan.

Hokusai Ukiyo-e Furoshiki | The Great Wave off Kanagawa
100% cotton furoshiki wrapping cloth featuring master ukiyoe artist Hokusai’s most iconic print.
As we ship from Kyoto, our products may be subject to taxes & customs fees in the country of delivery.