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Uji Matcha Green Tea Powder

Uji Matcha Green Tea Powder

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Matcha is a powdered green tea unique to Japan with ample health benefits and an amazing taste. We're bringing you the best of the best with Uji Matcha Green Tea Powder.

What We Love About It:

  • Uji Matcha (宇治抹茶) is a finely milled green tea well-known for its superior quality and delicate taste. 
  • Featuring a built-in mesh lid strainer, this canister of premium Uji Matcha allows you to enjoy silky smooth matcha on the go. No more powdery clumps in your latte!
  • Full of antioxidants and anti-stress components, it'll naturally boost your energy and focus.
  • Besides making a traditional bowl of delicious matcha, you can also use to bake amazing matcha-flavored cookies and cakes, or sprinkle on top of some vanilla ice cream!

Details & Care

  • Each box comes with an airtight tight seal and includes 30 grams of high quality powdered tea from the famous tea-growing region Uji (south Kyoto Prefecture). 
  • After opening, keep refrigerated and consume without delay.
  • Grown, roasted, and packaged in Kyoto, Japan.
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