How to Make Matcha Parfait, Kyoto's Favorite Green Tea Dessert

How to Make Matcha Parfait, Kyoto's Favorite Green Tea Dessert

Do you like dessert but find a lot of sweet treats a little TOO sugary for your taste? Maybe you like making your own desserts, but don't want to stand in a kitchen cooking for hours?

    Then we have just the dessert recipe for youmatcha parfait! Refreshing, not too sweet thanks to the pleasant bitterness of matcha, and super easy.

    In Japan, matcha parfait is one of the most beloved of matcha desserts, and is especially popular here in Kyoto, the world's center of green tea production. In our version, creamy, smooth matcha pudding is paired with delectable, chewy mochi, and topped with sweet red bean paste. So delicious, and you won't even have to turn on the oven!

    Here's what you'll need:

    Morihan Uji Matcha Pudding Mix (80g) ($9 USD)
    Made by Morihan, a famous Kyoto tea shop, this pudding is so smooth, delicious AND surprisingly easy to make—just add hot water! This mix makes 4 servings.

    Shiratama Mochi Rice Flour (200g) ($8 USD)
    This is a type of rice flour made from mochigome (glutinous short-grain Japanese rice) and is used for making different mochi desserts like dango, daifuku and mochi icecream! Compared to mochiko flour, shiratama flour is easier to work with because it dissolves quickly into water and results in an easy, delicious dough.

    Organic Anko (Sweet Red Bean Paste) ($7 USD)
    Anko is a sweet red bean paste commonly used in Japanese confections. The paste is made by boiling red azuki beans, sweetening with sugar and pureeing.

    Watch us make the Shiratama mochi dumplings for this parfait on our our IGTV!


    First let's make some Matcha Magic!

    First, make the Matcha Pudding using the Morihan Uji Matcha Pudding Mix. NOTE: This needs to be refrigerated for at least 4 hours, so we recommend making the day before, or the morning of the day you plan to enjoy it.

    How to make Matcha Pudding

    • Pour the whole bag of Morihan Uji Matcha Pudding Mix into bowl
    • Add 250mL of hot water into bowl and stir pudding mix until it dissolves (about one minute)
    • Pour mixture into 4 cups/parfait glasses for serving.
    • Place cups/glasses into refrigerator and refrigerate at least 4 hours to set

      Once your matcha pudding has set, you can prepare the other components of the parfait, specifically these adorable mochi balls called "Shiratama Dango".

      How to make Shiratama Dango (makes about 15-20 mochi balls)

      Note this recipe is for unsweetened mochi. If you'd like your mochi to be sweeter, you can add some sugar to the Shiratama Flour when mixing together.

      • Prepare 100mL of water.
      • Pour half of the water into the flour and knead. In increments, pour more water into the flour until the dough is soft and pliable, like playdoh (be careful not to pour too much water at once).

      • Roll dough into small 1/2 ~1 inch (1~2.5cm) size balls.

        • Drop shiratama dumplings into a pot filled with boiling water.

        • Boil for about 2-3 minutes. Once all the shiratama dumplings have risen to the surface, boil for an additional 1 minutes.
        • Remove dumplings and cool in ice-water.
        • Done!

        Assemble the Parfait!

        • Add a spoonful of Organic Anko (Sweet Red Bean Paste) on top of the matcha pudding. The earthy sweetness and chunky texture of the anko will complement the matcha pudding so well!

        • Add some Shiratama Dango, however much you would like to eat!
            • For some great texture, add some crunchy cornflakes
            • Garnish with a dollop of fresh whipped cream.

            Feeling extra? Add some vanilla or matcha icecream, cut fruit, cubes of sponge cake, or cookies!

            And there you have it. A cool, tasty treat that will leave your stomach happy and your mood refreshed, with minimal effort! For those who haven't had anko or mochi before, Japanese desserts might be a bit of an acquired taste but we think you'll be won over quickly with the combination of delicious textures and flavors! What do you think of Japanese desserts? Let us know in the comments!

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