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Onigiri Mold Push | Sankaku

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Onigiri Push Sankaku allows you to make 2 triangular onigiri at once! Makes onigiri that are 5 cm (about 2 inches) wide, perfect for your bento box. 

What we love about it:

  • Dimpled surface and air holes allow rice to be released easily.
  • Mold creates an indentation in the onigiri, making it easy to insert your favorite filling! (Some Japanese classics would be umeboshi (sour pickled plum), canned tuna mixed with mayonnaise and soy sauce, or some salty grilled salmon. Whatever you think would taste good with rice!)

How to use:

1. Rinse the mold with water, and shake off any excess. The moisture on the molds allow for easy removal of the onigiri.
2. Fill the mold with warm rice up to the brim, then place the lid on top, and push down slightly.
3. Remove lid, place mold on a surface (rice-side down) and push down on the back of the mold so that onigiri comes out.  And that's it! Neat, tasty onigiri ready for your bento, picnic, or party!
Simple and easy illustrative photos are on the packages to guide you. 

Details and Care

  • Made of polypropelene. BPA-free
  • Safe up to a temperature of 120°C (248°F). 
  • Do not microwave
  • Made in Osaka, Japan.
As we ship from Kyoto, our products may be subject to taxes & customs fees in the country of delivery.