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Magewappa | Ume

SKU 3740
The Magewappa | Ume is a stunning wooden bento box handmade by the craftsmen of Odate Kougeisha, a woodworking company in Odate, Northern Japan.
Magewappa, meaning 'bent wood' in Japanese, is a form of woodworking with a history of over 400 years, born out of the cold winters of Odate, Akita and now officially recognized as a Traditional Japanese Craftwork.

The Ume is a large ume (plum) flower shaped two-tier bento with a large 800 mL capacity.

What we love about it:

  • Made from sustainably farmed Akita Sugi, famous for its exceptional fragrance and beautiful grain.
  • Removable inner divider included.
  • Wood is only lightly coated which allows rice packed inside to breathe, making it taste great even when at room temperature.
  • Wonderful cedar smell that makes your food taste even better.
  • Features the Bento&co logo on the inside of the lid.
  • Silky smooth surface and amazing workmanship. 


  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 9.3 cm height (4.9 x 3.6")
  • Capacity: 800 mL (upper tier 350 ml, lower tier 450 ml)
  • Lovingly made one-by-one in Odate, Akita (Japan) by local craftsmen
  • Materials: Japanese Cedarwood, Polyurethane

 Care Instructions:

  • Wash in lukewarm water with a gentle sponge and mild detergent.
  • We recommend packing food that may stain the wood in a separate container, or in divider cups.
  • Do not leave soaking in water.
  • After washing, wipe off any excess water with a soft cloth, then allow to air-dry with lid off.
  • Do not clean with harsh cleansers or bleach.
  • Do not microwave or place in the oven, or dishwasher.
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight or near fire.
  • Do not scratch or scrape with utensils as the coating will be damaged, which can cause the wood to stain.
With proper care, this box will last for many years.

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