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Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump

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Pump for vacuum sealing the Airtight Totoro Airtight Totoro Bento Box ( 800mL)

  • Vacuum seal helps prevent food from oxidizing and keeps your lunch extra delicious!
  • Not just great for bento lunches but also for storing leftovers, snacks (especially fried or dried foods that can get stale or soggy), or other foods you want to keep fresh!
  • How to use pump:

    • Place pump over the bento box air valve (making sure grey rubber bottom is placed securely over the opening) and pump several times until you feel some resistance. Do not over pump as it could cause the bento lid to warp or even crack.
    • To open, first lift the air valve with the mini spatula or your finger to let some air in.

Details and Care:

    • Size: Width 64 x Depth 41 x Height 137mm
    • Body/handle: ABS resin, silicone resin, Polyethylene (BPA-free plastic)
    • Hand wash only
    • Made in China
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