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Takoyaki Pan v2

Takoyaki Pan v2

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Note: NOT compatible with induction stoves. For Takoyaki Pan for induction stoves, see here: Takoyaki Pan (Induction Compatible)

Make Takoyaki -delicious savory dough-balls filled with piping hot pieces of octopus- at home with our restaurant-quality Takoyaki Pan.

Made in China

What We Love About It:

  • Durable cast iron pan makes 14 balls at a time- each about 4 cm in diameter.
  • Features a finished wood handle, making Takoyaki preparation both comfortable and easy.
  • Not a fan of octopus? You can make all kinds of delicious variations with other fillings like bacon, cheese, and veggies! This uniquely-shaped pan can also be used to make little round donuts like Dutch-style poffertjes.  

Details & Care

  • Dimensions: 33.5 cm long (13.2"), 18 cm wide (7") and 7 cm high (2.75").
  • Materials: Pan is cast iron. Handle is wood.
  • Compatible with every type of stove EXCEPT for induction


  • Before using the pan for the first time, follow the below instructions.
  • Wash the pan with dish soap and a soft sponge and dry.
  • Then, heat the pan on the stove, add some oil, and stir fry vegetable scraps on high heat, using the vegetables to help coat the pan with oil. (The tannins in the vegetables help create a nonstick coating on the surface of the pan). Turn off heat, throw away vegetable scraps and wipe surface of the pan with a paper towel.  The pan is now ready for use!
  • Note that the batter may stick a bit on the first use. As you continue using the pan, it will become more and more non-stick. 
  • After each use, hand wash with a soft sponge or plant-based scrub brush. Soap is not needed. Do NOT wash with steel wool as the coating will be scratched off. Dry completely, heat over the stove, and coat with oil before storing. 
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