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Takoyaki Pan v2

SKU 924115

Note: NOT compatible with induction stoves. For Takoyaki Pan for induction stoves, see here: Takoyaki Pan (Induction Compatible)

If you've ever been to Japan, you have probably seen street vendors selling Takoyaki- those delicious savory ball-shaped pancakes filled with piping hot pieces of octopus!

Now you can make them at home thanks to our restaurant-quality Takoyaki Pan. This durable cast iron pan makes 14 balls at a time- each about 4 cm in diameter. The pan also features a finished wood handle, making Takoyaki preparation both comfortable and easy.

This uniquely-shaped pan can also be used to make little round donuts like Dutch-style poffertjes.  

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 33.5 cm long (13.2"), 18 cm wide (7") and 7 cm high (2.75").
  • Materials: Pan is cast iron. Handle is wood.
  • Compatible with every type of stove EXCEPT for induction
  • Made in China.