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Takoyaki Pan

octopus pancakes, takoyaki, japan
  • Takoyaki Pan
  • Takoyaki Pan
  • Takoyaki Pan
  • Takoyaki Pan
  • Takoyaki Pan
  • Takoyaki Pan
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Japan lovers, you might be crazy about those ball-shaped pancakes filled with pieces of octopus that we call here Takoyaki !

Now you can make them at home thanks to the Takoyaki pan

The shape of this pan also allows you to prepare little donuts like the dutch poffertjes

You an make 14 balls of about 4cm in diameter.
Dimensions : 33,5cm long (13.2"), 18cm wide (7") and 7cm high (2.75").

Pan in cast iron, suitable for every kind of hobs, even induction one !

Full array of products to create the perfect Takoyaki, are available here

Made in China.

Looking for a recipe, watch the fantastic Cooking with dog 's one.  


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