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Takenoko Strawberry and Chocolate Biscuits | Limited Edition

Takenoko Strawberry and Chocolate Biscuits | Limited Edition

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The bamboo-shoot shaped Takenoko Chocolate Biscuits have been a beloved snack in Japan since 1975!

What we love about it:

  • Crispy biscuit sticks are topped with a delicious chocolate and strawberry tip for a satisfying chocolatey *crunch*.
  • As the stem of the "bamboo shoot" is made from biscuit you can pick up easily without getting chocolate on your fingers!

    For a similar snack try the rivaling Kinoko Strawberry and Chocolate Biscuits | Limited Edition. Which one do you like?


  • Each of these boxes includes about a dozen pieces inside an airtight packet. Keep them fresh and crunchy by storing in a cool, dry place.
  • Ingredients: Sugar, wheat flour, whole milk powder, cacao mass, shortening, chicken eggs, vegetable fats, cocoa butter, egg whites, margarine, almond paste, lactose, skimmed milk powder, salt, creaming powder, malt extract/emulsifier, leavening agent, flavor, (some contain wheat, eggs, milk ingredients, soybeans)
  • Made in Japan
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