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Kokeshi Wood Doll | Yukigesho

Note: Orders containing Kokeshi Wood Doll | Yukigesho will not ship until February 1

Originating as a toy for children in Japan in the 1800s, kokeshi wooden dolls have since become popular globally as designer collectibles.
Created by the esteemed kokeshi artisans at Usaburo studio in Gunma, Japan, these kokeshi are made from seasoned Japanese wood which is carved, polished and painstakingly hand-painted.

The Kokeshi Wood Doll | Yukigesho is a gorgeous doll in a blue kimono featuring a view of a snowy Japanese countryside landscape. Yukigesho literally means "snow-makeup" in Japanese, a poetic way to describe a dusting of snow.
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What we love about it:

  • Minimalist yet expressive design
  • Beautifully handmade
  • Packaged in paper box


  • Material: Zelkovia wood (torso), Mizuki wood (face), Chestnut wood (head)
  • Dimensions: Height 19cm (7.6in), Width 7cm (2.8in)
  • Made in Japan