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Double Sided Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth | Sakura Stripes Red & Pink

SKU 20-034022
Enjoy this series of traditional furoshiki wrapping cloths that can only be found in Japan.

Product Description

The Double Sided Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth | Sakura Stripes Red & Pink is a premium furoshiki from the esteemed Japanese maker, Sanyo Shoji.  On one side is a stylized pattern of stripes embossed with sakura cherry blossoms in various shades of red and pink gray.  Turn the furoshiki over, and the other side features white sakura on a gentle red background. With two colors on one furoshiki, choose the color that suits your mood today ~
Furoshiki are traditional Japanese wrapping cloths (Wikipedia). They can be used as an impromptu bag, for wrapping things for storage, as eco-friendly reusable gift wrapping, and more! Furoshiki have been making a comeback in Japan in recent years, as a beautiful and "green" way of gift giving and beautifying one's daily life.  We've got more design in our furoshiki collection available right here, and even a useful DVD teaching you how to get the best of this bento boxes best friend.
How to wrap a bento box in a furoshiki:
Place the bento box in the middle of the furoshiki. If the box is square in shape, place it on the diagonal, so the sides are facing the corners of the cloth. Bring two opposite corners of the cloth over the box and tie securely. Then, bring the other two corners over the cloth, and tie again. You can also find instructions online for wrapping different objects in creative ways, such as how to wrap a wine bottle to make a handle for bringing wine to parties. See this page for more furoshiki wrapping and tying ideas.

Product Details

Dimensions : 50 x 50cm
Material : Polyester.
Made in Japan.