Eco-friendly and beautiful, furoshiki are traditional Japanese cloths that can be used to wrap bento boxes, gifts, wine bottles and more.

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Yamada Seni


kata kata Furoshiki 50cm | Owl (Green)

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Owls, known as the philosopher of the woods, are the subject of this charming furoshiki that features the art of kata kata. This artist duo, Takeshi Matsunaga and Chie Takai, uses the traditional Japanese methods of Katazome and Chusen* to create beautiful, playful designs.
Made by Musubi, a world-renowned Kyoto shop making furoshiki since 1937.

What we love about it:

  • A pair of owls, a parent and child, perch on a branch, with the big owl protectively watching over the little one while woodland critters scamper nearby.  A design sure to warm your heart.
  • Size works well to wrap small and medium boxes, and most large bento boxes.


  • 50cm x 50cm (19.7") 
  • Made from 100% cotton.
  • Made in Japan

*Learn more about the amazing hand-dyeing techniques of Katazome and Chusen.


Machine-washable. Use the gentle cycle and lukewarm water (no hotter than 40 degrees C / 104 degrees F)

As we ship from Kyoto, our products may be subject to taxes & customs fees in the country of delivery.

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