A day in Kyoto.... Gion, and Kiyomizu Dera early May 2020, during Covid 19 crisis.

Un día en Kioto.... Gion y Kiyomizu Dera a principios de mayo de 2020, durante la crisis de Covid 19.

Como en gran parte del mundo, Japón ha cambiado y seguirá siéndolo durante bastante tiempo. A medida que nos adaptamos a nuevas formas de vida, nos sentimos afortunados de estar seguros y saludables, y deseamos lo mismo para usted y sus seres queridos. Hasta que nuestra hermosa ciudad pueda volver a recibir huéspedes, descubra Kioto como usted (y nosotros) nunca la hemos visto antes.

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I miss walking in Kyoto very much. I miss stopping at the Boulangerie on Teramachi for an early lunch. I miss walking to the incense shop on Shijo dori and then going across the street to Starbucks for coffee. I miss going down to breakfast at the Palace Side Hotel and then walking across the street to stroll through the Palace grounds. I miss going to the Nishijin section of town and buying indigo dyed shirts at Aizenkobo. I miss sitting on the veranda of Ryoanji and looking at the rock garden. I miss walking along the Kamo River and watching the blue herons and white cranes standing among the reeds. I miss arriving at Kinkakuji to watch it lit by the late afternoon sun. I miss …

John Borg

I loved this very short walk through Gion, Kiyiomizudera area. Would have loved more as we are a little familiar with the area from Kamo river to Yasaka Shrine, to Kiyiomizudera and it’s fun (yet a little sad) to see it so quiet. Last time we were there, it was overrun by tourists (yes, I know we were 2 of them) and many not having a clue how to act. We were supposed to go back in November, but have to postpone the trip until next year (hopefully) – we never tire of Kyoto – thank you for this!

Anne Statland

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