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Everyone likes a hot bento.

These bento products are all safe to heat up in the microwave so you can enjoy your bento the way you like it: hot! 

  • Sakura Big Bento Box


    Celebrate the spirit of Japanese spring with our beautiful Sakura Petals series! Product Description The Sakura Big Bento Box features an extra-lar...

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  • Ukiyoe Cat Bundle


    We think this bento bundle is the cat's meow! Includes the popular Nuri Ajiro bento in white with a braided bamboo design, matching chopstick set,...

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  • Yamato Bento Box - Bento&co
    Yamato Bento Box - Bento&co

    Yamato Bento Box


    The look and feel of traditional Japanese wood lacquerware in remarkable detail. Made with durable BPA-free plastic.  Product Description  The ...

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