Learn how to cook Japanese Omelette Rolls!

Learn how to cook Japanese Omelette Rolls!

Found in kid's lunch boxes, supermarket ready-made meals, train station ekiben lunches and more, the tamagoyaki omelette roll is a true staple of the Japanese bento box meal. Watch our 'how-to' videos below and learn how to make basic tamagoyaki as well as tamagoyaki with nori (dried seaweed sheets). Once cooked, these fluffy omelettes keep well and can be enjoy either hot or cold!

To make these omelettes, we used the Tamagoyaki Pan Sanjo (9.5×15cm). This pan is also available in a larger size.

Pro Tip: add some furikake to your raw egg mix for another layer of color and flavor!

Basic tamagoyaki:

 tamgoyaki with nori:

Fun fact: tamagoyaki omelettes cooked in the the 9.5×15cm Tamagoyaki Pan Sanjo fit perfectly inside a Gel-Cool Rectangle Bento Box. Shop these bento boxes and more tamagoyaki cooking essentials here.


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