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Urushi Maru

Not Microwave-safe
Size M
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  • Urushi Maru
  • Urushi Maru
  • Urushi Maru
  • Urushi Maru
  • Urushi Maru
  • Urushi Maru
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With its perfect round shape and the careful attention to details,  Urushi Maru is a great example of bento box that truly embodies Japanese traditions and techniques -  Full of history, like a beacon of Japanese culture, this wooden box really is a work of art.

Product Description 

Urushi Maru is a bento box made of wood, crafted and decorated in line with the urushi (漆 Japanese for 'lacquer') techniques from Yamanaka in Kaga. Also known as Yamanakanuri, these wood decoration skills produce outstanding results, created with sincerity and very original in their design. In fact, this craft was the first to be considered as part of the Japanese National heritage!

Urushi Maru has a  stunning red and black outer laquer, with the inside show casing the beautiful wood hidden beneath. The shining laquer has been carefully and repeatedly applied by experienced hands - a process that involves both patience and expertise. This is a box that you are going to keep and preserve with love for years.

Chic lunchbox or elegant storage box; there are many ways to make use of it!


  • Dimensions: Diameter 12 cm (4.7"), Height 10 cm (3.9")
  • Material: Natural wood from Japan, Urushi lacquer
  • Weight(Box): 370 g
  • Capacity: M Size
  • NOT micro-wave or dish-washer safe.
  • Always wash with a soft sponge and keep in a dry place. Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Made in Japan, at Ishikawa.

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