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Urushi Maru

SKU C20-4

Urushi Maru is a wooden bento box lacquered with natural urushi in the Yamanakaurushi lacquer tradition which dates over 450 years. 

Urushi Maru has a stunning red and black outer lacquer, with the inside showcasing the beautiful woodgrain. The shining lacquer has been carefully and repeatedly applied by experienced hands - a process that involves both patience and expertise. This is a box that you are going to keep and preserve with love for years.
Chic lunchbox or elegant storage box; there are many ways to make use of it!


    • Dimensions: Diameter¬†12 cm (4.7"), Height¬†10 cm (3.9")
    • Material: Natural wood from Japan,¬†Urushi lacquer
    • Weight(Box): 370 g
    • Capacity: M Size
    • NOT¬†micro-wave or dish-washer safe.
    • Do not soak in hot or cold water for prolonged periods. Wash with warm water and dry with a soft cloth. To maintain glossiness, wipe gently with a soft cloth after washing. Avoid putting in the refrigerator, under direct sunshine, or in extremely dry places.
    • Made in Ishikawa, Japan