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Takoyaki Flour

takoyaki flour
  • Takoyaki Flour
  • Takoyaki Flour
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The quintessential snack, Takoyaki, is Japanese street food at it's best!  Have you ever tried this delicious little dish? Octopus omelette balls, crispy and fried on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside - there's nothing quite like it.

To make delicious Takoyaki you need authentic japanese Takoyaki flour, which can be difficult to find outside of Japan - so we are happy to offer you this great flour set (´∀`)♡ Enjoy it! 

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*Looks so delicious right (*^◇^)_旦*


Product Description 

The maker of this flour, Nippn, prides its self on providing a product that tastes just like the real deal - the Osaka style Takoyaki! Taste it and you will be transported to a street stall in a Osaka back street, its that good (´∀`)♡!


  1. For 200 grams of takoyaki flour
  2. Add 1 egg
  3. Add 600ml of water
  4. Add any ingredient you like: negi (green onion), tako (octopus), etc...

To show you how to make Takoyaki we invite one of our favorite Youtube chefs, Cooking with dog! 


Follow the step by step guide and you will be a master in no time! 

Once you have prepared the batter you need a Takoyaki Pan, luckily we have one for sale here at Bento and Co found here, with this Takoyaki we recommend our Takoyaki Sauce!

What are you waiting for? Get cooking!  

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Product Details 

  • 200 grams 
  • Allergy Disclaimer, this product includes Wheat, Lactose, Mackerel and Soybean.
  • Expires 08 March 2017


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