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Suri Urushi

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  • Suri Urushi
  • Suri Urushi
  • Suri Urushi
  • Suri Urushi
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Suri Urushi is a cute, oval wooden box with a traditional Japanese design, which would surely please lovers of Japanese cuisine. The body is lacquered wood, urushi in Japanese. 

Product Description

The Suri Urushi bento box has two tiers. Under the wooden cover, the top tier is made from black plastic. It has a clear plastic lid that seals it. The bottom tier is made completely from wood. This smart design combines traditional elements, such as the wooden parts with modern plastic for simplified cleaning. 

Might we recommend to avoid putting foods with liquid in the bottom tier as it may leak and affect the wood over time. 

Details & Care  

Dimensions: 132 x 105 x 75mm
Capacity: 590ml (240ml + 350ml)
A black elastic band is also included. 

This bento box is not microwave-safe or dishwasher safe.

The cover and the wooden compartment are manufactured in China, and the black plastic top tier is manufactured in Japan. 

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