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Pocky Strawberry

Pocky Strawberry

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Pocky Strawberry are cacao pretzel sticks dipped in a strawberry milk chocolate!

What we love about it:

  • Twice-dipped chocolate is extra smooth and accented with crunchy strawberry bits so you can experience the delicious flavor and tartness of the fruit!
  • Delicious combination of flavors with the slightly bitter cacao sticks and the sweet creaminess of the strawberry coating.
  • Comes in two single serving packets, each with 10 yummy sticks.
  • Great for sharing!


  • Made in Japan.
  • Ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Vegetable oil and fat, Lactose, Whole milk powder, Cocoa powder, Strawberry powder, Wheat protein, Shortening, Candy chips, Salt, Yeast / Color (Red beet color, Grape skin color, Caramel), Emulsifier, Flavor, Seasoning (Inorganic salt), Inflating agent, Acidifier, Trehalose, Sweetener ( Sucralose), (Contains some dairy ingredients, wheat and soybeans)
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