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Original Furoshiki Bag | Chrysanthemum Blue

Original Furoshiki Bag | Chrysanthemum Blue

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The elegance of traditional furoshiki wrapping cloth meets the convenience of a drawstring bag!

Beautiful furoshiki wrapping cloths take on a new convenient form in our exclusive Furoshiki Bag series, featuring colorful furoshiki transformed into drawstring bags. Made in Kyoto, each bag is composed of a vibrant base color decorated with various flowers and plants native to Japan.

What we love about it:

  • Striking design of chrysanthemums in cream against vivid blue background. Chrysanthemum flowers are Japan's most noble flower, representing the nation itself, as well as longevity, peace and protection from evil.
  • Perfect size for our round bento boxes such as the Kokeshi, or bottles and soup bowls such as the Cat Ears Soup Jar.

Details & Care:

  • Compatible with round bentos and soup jars
  • Made in Japan with 100% cotton fabric from Kyoto.
  • Hand wash for optimal care.
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