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Onigiri Mold

onigiri, mold, wood
  • Onigiri Mold
  • Onigiri Mold
  • Onigiri Mold
  • Onigiri Mold
  • Onigiri Mold
  • Onigiri Mold
  • Onigiri Mold
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Onigiri Mold is a beautiful wooden kit to make regular rice balls with ease (about 5,5cm long - 2.2").

The set consists of a solid wood rectangular mold with two triangle holes and a top lid to form the rice.
This mold is made of Hinoki wood (Japanese cypress). 
Dimensions : 17,2cm (6.7") x 7,5cm (2.9") x 3,4cm x 3,4cm (1.3").
A little about hinoki wood
Hinoki is a type of Japanese cedar wood. It is known to have natural antimicrobial qualities. It also absorbs excess moisture from food, making it taste better. Hinoki is used extensively for food containers, bento boxes (see our Magewappa bento boxes), and even traditional bathtubs. 
Hand wash only. Do not leave the plank soaking in water for too long. Wipe with a soft dry cloth after washing. Please don't use this as a cutting board for your bread, or you will damage the surface!

Made in Japan, in Mie prefecture.


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