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Okonomiyaki Set

SKU 491498

Okonomiyaki is Japanese food at it's best!  Have you ever tried this great dish? Crispy omelette, steaming cabbage, meat slices and thick Okonomiyaki sauce make this dish a winner (and very popular here in Kyoto!)

With this home kit you can make fresh, authentic Okonomiyaki where ever you are!  

Product Description 

In this great set all the Japanese ingredients you need to make delicious Okonomiyaki at home are included, the flour for the batter, the spices, Japanese Yam powder and of course the Okonomiyaki sauce!

The only things you need to add to make authentic Okonomiyaki are things you can find at your local supermarket, cabbage, eggs, meat and green onions. 

Start with mixing the white and pink package with 160 cc water, then add cabbage, egg and green onions as well as the yellow package - mix firmly.


Pepare a hot plate or pan on high heat, spread your omelette mix and let it rest for few minutes, then add your pork on top, flip it and watch it all cook down.
Finally add the Okonomiyaki sauce - sold here -and the green package - and just like that you've cooked a perfect Okonomiyaki at home! 

So what are you waiting for? Let's get cooking!  


Product Details 

  • ¬†One package includes two sets,¬†each¬†suitable for¬†two servings (four servings total)¬†
  • Allergen Infromation: this product includes wheat, squid, soybean and mackerel.