Miniatuart, made in Kyoto

Simply cut out and glue together!
With these kits of laser-cut paper pieces you can create intricate 3-D scenes from Japan and Studio Ghibli movies. Established in 1963 in Kyoto, Japan, Sankei began by creating models of historic architecture for museum exhibitions and this “museum-level” attention to detail is reflected in their Miniatuart models.

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Ghibli Miniatuart Diorama | Kiki's Delivery Service

Ghibli Miniatuart Diorama | Kiki's Delivery Service

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Ghibli Miniatuart Diorama | Kiki's Delivery Service depicts several beloved scenes from the Studio Ghibli classic featuring Kiki, a charming young witch and her adorable side-kick cat, Jiji.

Specially commissioned in 2019 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the film and officially approved by Studio Ghibli! The world of "Kiki's Delivery Service" is amazingly condensed into this detailed diorama, made even more realistic with tons of lush greenery and ivy. 
Advanced-level difficulty (4 out of 5 stars), with a build time of approximately 35-hours.

The large diorama series are for the experienced and/or enthusiastic miniatuart fan! These models are breathtaking in their details and seamlessly combine multiple scenes to instantly transport you into the stories of Miyazaki. While they might seem intimidating and do indeed require some time and focus, these models are definitely doable—with magical results!


  • Non-scale
  • Officially approved by Studio Ghibli.
  • (C) 1989 Eiko Kadono - Studio Ghibli
  • Dimensions of assembled model: W230×D180×H115mm
  • Includes sheets of laser-cut paper (A-Z), (a-r) (44 sheets total), 1 base sheet, 2 sheets with printed design details, 1 plastic board, materials for garden/trees (greenery powder, sponge, sand ), assembly instructions (please note that these are in Japanese, but the illustrated diagrams are are clear and easy to understand on their own).
  • Difficulty level: Advanced (4 out of 5 stars)
  • Material: Paper
  • Age: Suitable for 12 years and up.
  • Build time: Approximately 35 hours
  • Made in Kyoto, Japan.
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What are the instructions like?

The instructions are in Japanese but they are basically a series of diagrams and are easy to follow.
If you lose your physical instructions and would like a PDF version, email us at and we would be happy to help you out!

Ready to begin?

Our Tool Kit has everything you'll need! A Cutting Mat

, Ultra-fine Curved Tweezers, 

Quick Dry Hobby Glue and a Craft Knife.

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