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KitKat Uji Matcha

SKU 1174640

These green tea KitKat are made with powdered green tea from Uji, in Kyoto Prefecture and are officially endorsed by Kyoto Prefecture. Wow!


If you know anyone who has ever been to Japan or is crazy about Japan, this is the gift for them; everyone who knows of these loves them. Try 'em if you haven't yet (-_^)

Here's a tip; keep them in the freezer to keep them nice and hard.

By the way, did you know that KitKat became popular because parents started giving them to their children before tests due to the fact that "KitKat" sounds like "kit to katsu", which means "surly win". Cute right?

On the back of each KitKat Green Tea package is a place where you can write a surly win message to someone you want to share them with ^~^!


Amount: each bag has 13 individually wrapped bars.

Precautions: please consider the local climate when order because hot weather will cause the bars to melt.
Made in Japan.