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Irodori Bento is a great bento box with an outstanding design and handy features that makes it a top tier large lunchbox. You won't believe all the functions! 

Product Description 

Irodori Bento is a modern version of the renowned Shokado, a kind of bento box widely used in Japanese restaurant and at home for classy meal times. It has been able to retain the perks of the past (chic, versatile and a great volume) and combine it with some fresh improvements and materials to make it easier to transport and use. Very, well done!

Irodori has 4 containers in it, 2 small and 2 larger, that can be used to pack a super large lunch and organize your meal as you want. Tighten it up with a 42 cm lunch band (sold separately) and you have the perfect solution for your XL outdoor bento. 

You can also buy the container alone if you need new one or lost them.

White coloured box with light blue lines, super chic and elegant. Includes 4 containers and an outer box. Irodori Bento Boxes are stackable!

Product Details 

  • Dimensions: 26 x 18 x 6 cm (10.2"x 7.1" x 2.4") - 
  • Capacity: 1460ml (Small containers : 230 ml, Big containers : 500 ml)
  • Container dimensions: Small 8.5x8.5x4,5 cm / Large 8,5x17x4,5 cm
  • Weight: 650 g
  • Materials: ABS Plastic and polypropylene (Containers)
  • The internal containers are dishwasher and micro-wave safe (this is not the case for the outer box).
  • Designed and made in Japan. 100% BPA-Free.

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