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Gyoza Tools

SKU D-5750

Gyoza dumplings are delectable treats that came to Japan from China. Filled with a mixture of meat and vegetables which is then boiled, steamed or pan-fried, they are absolutely delicious. However, they are rather difficult to make at for the inexperienced home cook. 

Product Description

That's where Gyoza Tools comes to the rescue! This handy little kit consists of a dumpling crimping tool and a small spatula. Simply place a gyoza dumpling skin on the crimper, put a little filling in the middle with the spatula, and fold the crimper over. 

Gyoza dumpling skins can be purchased at Japanese or Asian/Chinese grocery stores. You can find lots of sites with  instructions for making gyoza dumplings. 

Product Details

Gyoza Tools is made of polypropelene. Hand washing is recommended. Wash with mild detergent before using the first time. Do not use near an open flame.

Made in Japan.