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Conbini Onigiri

Conbini Onigiri

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Conbini Onigiri Wrappers are a set of 10 nifty plastic sheets that allow you to recreate the conbini (Japanese convenience store) onigiri experience!

If you’ve ever tried an onigiri from a convenience store in Japan,  you will have encountered this initially puzzling but genius invention that keeps the rice from coming into contact with the nori until it’s removed. This allows the nori seaweed to stay delectably fresh and crisp!
Here is how to use the Conbini Onigiri wrappers:                        

  1. Place the nori (seaweed) sheet between the two layers.
  2. Flip the sheet over so the side with instructions is face down
  3. Place the onigiri in the upper half of the nori sheet.
  4. Fold the bottom half of the sheet over the top half.
  5. Fold the upper left edge of the wrapper sheet down over the left edge of the rice ball, and fold the bottom left edge of the wrapper back on top of it.
  6. Apply the included sticker to secure the wrapper.
  7. To remove the Conbini Onigiri wrapper, grip the plastic between your thumb and forefinger, pull down, up and around. Pull both edges to take off the plastic.

Check out the illustrations :


  • Dimensions : 14 x 24 cm (5.5" x 9.4") for a 7 to 8 cm long onigiri (2.7" x 3")
    Materials : Polypropylene
  • Precaution : Safe temperature range : 80 to -10°C
  • Made in Japan.
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