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Black Bag

bento bag
  • Black Bag
  • Black Bag
  • Black Bag
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The Black Bag is the best match for the "black” series of bento boxes: Kazé, Dragon and Bishamon.

Product Description

Sold as part of a set with bento box and chopsticks on the pages where these products are offered, you can also buy it here separately.
Its size fits not only ¨black¨ bentos, but also boxes with a similar shape like the Nonbiri bentos.

Round bentos like the Owan Bento or the Owan Tsukimi can also be carried in this bag, but its long shape is not best suited for them.

100% cotton.

Product Details and precautions

Dimensions: 21 x 9.5 cm (8.3" x 3.7")

We recommend hand-washing for that product.

Made in Japan.


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