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Bamboo Kitchen Utensils Set | Natural

Bamboo Kitchen Utensils Set | Natural

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Bamboo is one of the most classic and iconic Japanese materials out there, and the maker of these products, Miyabitake are experts at making cookware and bento equipment from eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo.

Product Description

This stunning Bamboo Kitchen Utensils Set | Natural really showcases the natural beauty of bamboo, with the shining wood displaying various hues that have slowly developed over time. Naturally stain-resistant, these utensils are also eco-friendly, and sustainable; they will surely make it into your daily kitchen repertoire! Just don’t forget the simple instructions below to preserve the life of your new bamboo product!
With the set containing a wooden cooking spoon perfect for making almost anything, and a pair of cooking chopsticks (conveniently tied together loosely with string so you won’t ever lose a single chopstick), this basic set is all you need to get started in the kitchen!

Product Details

Length: 30cm (spoon, chopsticks)
Materials: Made from food-grade, treated bamboo
NOT Dishwasher or Microwave Safe! Please see the product care details below
Made in Kyushu, Japan

Product Care

Since this product is made out of natural bamboo, some care is required:
  • Hand wash with a mild soap and soft sponge or brush after use. Avoid using harsh cleaners.
  • Rinse thoroughly and wipe the wood dry using a soft cloth.
  • Allow the washed bamboo to air-dry naturally completely, approximately for a day.
  • Do not leave it to soak as this will disfigure the wood over time.
  • To prevent natural cracking, treat the bamboo product with a light coat of natural oil, such as coconut oil (avoid food grade oils as they can become rancid if the bamboo product is not used often). Apply a light coat overnight, and then wipe off the excess.
  • Do not store it in direct heat; store in a dry area.

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