How to choose your Bento Box

Even if they are experiencing an increasing success all over the world, bento and their accessories remain something new for most of the people outside Japan.

It can be difficult to be fully aware of how parameters such and Size, materials, features, etc. works and what they exactly means.
So we have decided to provide you a guide to effectively make your choice while looking for a bento box adapted to your needs and daily habits

What box size should i go with ?

Some useful information first :

- Japanese bento boxes sizes are based on the principle that 1 ml of contents equal 1 calorie. This is only true for healthy meal (i.e that does not include junk food or candies).

- Calorie needs vary from people, depending on age, sexe, daily physical activity and more. Please adjust this figures according to your habits and profile.

There are 4 different box sizes available on Bento& : S, M, L and XL. 

S Box (Volume is equal or less than 500 ml) best fits young children nutritional needs or may be used as great and convenient side-dish container.  

Boîte taille S, conseils bento

M Boxes (capacity ranges from 500 to 780 ml) have enough room for the lunch of people with little appetite (low calorie needs) and/or elderly person. The bigger ones ( more than 700 ml) can be use by adult and teenager.

Boîte taille M, petit appétit bento

L Boxes (Volume is up to 1 l) are required to pack an healthy and complete lunch for an adult or a teenager in full growth. 

The last and biggest category, XL Boxes, can be used for picnics, dinner, events and receptions. These are large enough for several persons. 



Should i choose Plastic, Metal, or Wood?

Beyond one's preferences and personal tastes, each of those materials has substantial advantages to be considered before your purchase.

- Plastic : Easy to handle and maintain, they are perfect for a daily usage. Most of them are Dishwasher and microwave-safe. Furthermore, plastic allows for a greater range of design and features than wood or even metal. Bring them at school or work.

- Wood : Wood was the original material used to create bento box. More than just a tool, wood boxes are works of art created by skilled craftsmen. They have 2 drawbacks though; they may be hard to maintain and tend to be more costly.

- Metal : Rare, full of advantages, metal box could be your best choice : they are sturdy items with strong locks that does not fear the negative effects of time and blows. You also don't have to take care of them as other boxes, just be careful to keep them as dry possible (most of them are built from stainless steel anyway).  For "adventurers", or those who are looking for resistant boxes you can trust. Bonus: they are the most eco-friendly.

These are general trends though; if you take time to have a further look at our products choice you may unearth very original boxes that break the "rules"

Additional details to consider.

- Be sure to check the inner structure of the box twice: This is very important; it dictates what kind of lunch you will be able to bring with you. Do you like a fully organized and sorted lunch? Would you rather have more room and freedom with the available space?  

- Different features for different boxes: Some have cutlery directly included in their lid, others come with an elastic band, still others have clever cooling system incorporated to protect the food during summer: you must pay attention to the box characteristics and unique features. You would be surprise how handy a fitted box can be.

- The shape of your bento box isn't only about aesthetics: It will greatly dictate its daily use too. Round, Square, rectangular, narrow and more: there is a lot of possibilities in boxes shape. How will you carry it? Are you going to eat your meal on a bench and need an easy-to-grab product?  Will this nicely fit in your favorite bag? These are just a few exemples showing in which ways your final choice could be influenced by the shape of the box.

- This is obvious but: No matter how functional or big a box is, it has to please us at first sight 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜). We are talking about an item you are likely to bring everywhere with you several time in a week. We will keep doing our best to bring you accurate pictures of each of our products and let you click, zoom and compare them to find the box that really match your needs.


Of course, you are not alone in this '(^^). Feel free to use the chat function (on the right bottom of that window) or just send us a mail at We will gladly inform you!