A Snowy Wonderland: Kyoto in January 2022

A Snowy Wonderland: Kyoto in January 2022

Last Friday on January 21, Kyoto city was blanketed in over 10cm of snow, the most snow it had received in 5 years! This year has definitely been a snowy one for Kyoto and we are enjoying the magic of these winter landscapes. Let's look at some familiar destinations, transformed by the snow. 

Many Kyoto-ites love the Kamo River, and on days with good weather, enjoy lounging and relaxing along its banks. On this snowy day though, the Kamo River, seen from Shijo Bridge, was transformed, with only one lone visitor braving the cold. With the thick grey sky and snow, it's actually hard to see into the distance!

Kamogawa River on a Snowy Day. One Person stands on the banks carrying a transparent umbrella

Below you can see the path to Kiyomizu Temple, which is called Sannenzaka (Sannei-zaka). This scenic cobblestone path constructed in 808, was a dreamy scene this day, with the historic wooden buildings and the trees blanketed in white.

Sannenzaka, Kyoto on a snow day

Next is the Niomon Gate of Kiyomizu Temple!  Surprisingly, there were a lot of tourists here this day, probably other people who were also excited to see the gorgeous wintry scenes. The vermillion of the buildings contrasts so strikingly with the grey and white landscape.

Niomon Gate of Kiyomizu Temple covered in snow

Lastly, here is a scene of Maruyama Park. The pine trees and rocks dusted with snow created a tranquil atmosphere.

Maruyama Park Covered in Snow

We still have a bit more winter left here in Kyoto, so who knows, maybe we'll get to enjoy one more snow day. In the meantime, we hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and warm, wherever you may be!

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Oh, thank you so much for these pictures! We have missed our visits to Kyoto since the pandemic started but hope to be there next Fall. Your photos are just stunning ⛩

Anne Statland

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