Reduce World Hunger with Onigiri Action 2021!

Reduce World Hunger with Onigiri Action 2021!

Updated October 2021

At Bento&co, we learned about a wonderful worldwide campaign during the month of October called “Onigiri Action”!
Led by Table for Two, a Japanese non-profit organization that fights against food inequality, Onigiri Action is a social good campaign that provides school meals globally to children in need. 

Our team participated again this year, submitting photos of these onigiri we enjoyed making! (See below)

How does it work?

Every time someone takes a photo of something related to onigiri (Japanese rice ball) and posts it on social media with the hashtag #OnigiriAction five school meals are donated to children in need around the world.

Thanks to the companies sponsoring the campaign and global participation, in 2019 a whopping 1.6 million school meals were delivered!
More information can be found here!

Interested in participating?

By November 5th, upload an “onigiri related” photo to FB, IG, or Twitter, with the hashtag #onigiriaction. (Just make sure that your privacy setting is set to public.)

If you aren't on social media/have a private account, you can also submit your photo directly on the Onigiri Action website here:

What kind of photos can I upload?

Your photo doesn’t JUST have to be of an actual onigiri!
Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing….

  • You or your pet in an onigiri costume! 
  • Making an onigiri (triangle) sign with your hands
  • Onigiri art
  • Making/eating onigiri
  • Posing with an onigiri
  • Etc!

Inspiration from the #Bentoandco community

Here’s some inspiration from the #Bentoandco community members who’ve submitted amazing #onigiriaction photos


A stunning, autumn-themed onigiri bento by @ fuuumiiii1221 (IG)

Autumn themed bento with onigiri rice

Circles, circles and more circles! This onigiri bento by @ chisato_k0225 (IG) is simple and yet so aesthetically pleasing.

Three round onigiri rice balls with colorful vegetables and meatballs

Adorable smiling onigiri bento by @ tarohe.tanishi (IG)

One plain onigiri with a smiley face,  with salmon, sausuges and veggies in a wooden bento box.

Like we said though, your picture doesn’t have to be of an actual onigiri. For example, here is a cheeky photo from our team featuring our very own Norio and Kome onigiri boxes.

Two people holding up two plastic onigiri boxes covering their face.

We hope you’ll join us in this creative campaign that’s for a great cause, and have a lot of fun with onigiri—Japan’s ultimate comfort food.

Unsure how to make onigiri? Here is our guide.

We also have these nifty onigiri molds that make onigiri making super easy
Onigiri Push Sankaku
Onigiri Push Kawaii

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