Making Hakata Style Tonkotsu Ramen at Home

Making Hakata Style Tonkotsu Ramen at Home


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While you are probably familiar with its instant 'noodle cup' cousin, authentic ramen (ラーメン) is a versatile noodle soup that is enjoyed by people of all ages and economic statuses in Japan. 

Originally adapted from Chinese wheat noodles, ramen is made with various soup bases and ingredients depending on the region that it is served in. These differences drastically change the consistency and 'heaviness' of the dish- but each version is delicious and its own savory way.

We sell Ramen Kits made by real ramen shops from three different regions across Japan: Kyushu, Kanto and Hokkaido. Today, we're using the Hakata Tonkotsu ingredients from our Kyushu Ramen Kit to show how quick and easy making authentic ramen can be!




Hakata Style Tonkotsu Ramen

1. Bring 550ml (2 1/3 cup) of water to boil in a pot

2. Add noodles to boiling water and cook to your desired level of firmness (tonkotsu ramen is tradtionally served with noodles that are a bit hard in the center).

3. Turn off heat. Add the soup mix and stir thoroughly.

4. Transfer noodles and soup to a bowl and add desired toppings. Classic ingredients for tonkotsu ramen include menma (fermented bamboo shoots), ajitsuke tamago (soft boiled eggs soaked in soy sauce), and negi (Welsh onion).

Itadakimasu! (Let's eat!)


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